A Royal Visit for Huntingdon and St Ann’s Well

5th December 2017

Headteachers from two L.E.A.D. academies were delighted to be part of the recent royal visit to Nottingham, celebrating their involvement and contribution to the success of the ‘Full Effect’ programme.

Ross Middleton (Huntingdon Academy) and Emma Thorne (St Ann’s Well Academy) updated Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on the achievement of the project, which aims to identify and support children and young people from becoming involved in youth violence and crime through a combination of early intervention, mentorship, and training.

Ross said; “We were extremely honoured that Prince Harry took time out of his busy schedule to listen to the progress on a subject very close to his heart. We are very proud to share the benefits and long term potential of the ‘Full Effect’ project as a model for helping vulnerable children across our region.”

St Ann’s Well Academy has been part of ‘Full Effect’ for four years. The positive impact it’s had on young people has seen its activity grow beyond the initial primary stage.

Emma commented; “At a previous royal visit we discussed the importance of the project continuing into secondary education, recognising this period as a vulnerable point in a child’s life. The visit on Friday enabled us to discuss and celebrate the success of the Full Effect transition project, which has just moved in to its second year. The project now identifies and works with pupils who are at risk in primary school and follows them into secondary education.”

With a clear ‘royal seal of approval’, the partnership between our two L.E.A.D. academies and ‘Full Effect’ programme is certain to grow; delivering vital benefits for those young people in need.