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Sycamore Academy is selected as a Joint Winner of the Primary School of the Year Award!

Focusing on the Health and Safety of Our Staff and Students

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Mental Health Awareness Week

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The Birley Academy Contribute to the National Effort to Produce PPE

Supporting Our Students as They Work From Home

17th June 2020

In response to the current situation and the government’s requirements, L.E.A.D. IT Services have developed a contactless sign-in system for staff and visitors. The aim of this system is to reduce the amount of contact with the screen. The implementation allows for notifications when visitors arrive through an online portal; the system complies with GDPR and is also cost effective.

15th June 2020

We are helping and supporting our academies to ensure a safe re-opening. Social distancing signage and various sanitising facilities have been implemented to help inform, educate and keep staff and students safe. We are incredibly proud of the hard work that our team have done on-site to make our academies safe for our students.

Please see the images below:

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11th June 2020

IntoUniversity give primary pupils experiences and understanding of the importance of a university education. They particularly work with children from deprived backgrounds.

With 220 nominations in total (that’s over 26 nominations per category) Sycamore Academy has achieved a joint win in the 2020 IntoUniversity Partnership Awards. Each year, the organisation recognises outstanding contributions made by external partners across the network. The organisation operates 31 centres across the country and has over 120
partnerships with different primary schools.

The IntoUniversity Nottingham East team nominated Sycamore Academy because of their excellent engagement with the IntoUniversity Primary FOCUS programme and Academic Support in 2019/20.

It was noted that the staff members are fully up to speed with the Primary Focus programme and are always really excited for their classes to participate based on how positively other colleagues speak of IntoUniversity. The organisation feels this demonstrates Sycamore Academy’s overwhelming endorsement of the programme. Students were especially encouraged to aim high during FOCUS weeks by the fact that they shared their learning with the entire school during a post-FOCUS week assembly.

Sycamore Academy supports IntoUniversity Nottingham East by encouraging young people and their families to engage with other IntoUniversity programmes – this has resulted in 27 Sycamore Academy students currently attending Primary Academic Support.

Congratulations to all!

29th May 2020

We continue to support our schools through this period of transition with practical advice, guidance and support at every step. Beyond this, we are immensely proud of our staff who continue to show an overwhelming resolve and positive attitude throughout. The health and safety of our staff and students is of the upmost importance and making our measures visible to all has been a keen focus.

Please see the images below:

Social Distancing Poster 1

Social Distancing Poster 2

Social Distancing Poster 3

Social Distancing Poster 4

28th May 2020

We have utilised this time to continue important renovation and upgrade projects, including the redevelopment of outdoor learning environments at Glapton Academy, Jubilee L.E.A.D. Academy and Birley Spa Primary Academy.

Take a look at some of the photos:

Jubilee Playground

Glapton Playground

Renovation Photo 1

Renovation Photo 2

Renovation Photo 3

Renovation Photo 4

19th May 2020

This year’s Mental Health Awareness Week feels especially important.

We take the mental health & wellbeing of our c.1,500 staff very seriously at L.E.A.D. Academy Trust. Having introduced an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) which includes 24-hour confidential counselling & proactive early intervention for stress, we are finding this to be a highly effective tool in supporting our staff’s emotional wellbeing, especially at this time.

Further tips and advice on Coronavirus and your mental health

Mental Health Poster

7th May 2020

We’re supporting the schools within our Trust with a range of initiatives, one of which is centred around wellbeing. In the upcoming weeks, we will be sharing a range of tips and guidance across our primary and secondary schools.

Take a look at our posters below:

Wellbeing Poster 1

Wellbeing Poster 2

Wellbeing Poster 3

Wellbeing Poster 4

22nd April 2020

Our schools have all been doing their bit to help the community at this difficult time. It’s fantastic to see the Birley Academy getting the recognition they deserve for making protective visors for care homes.

Read all about it here

Birley PPE

8th April 2020

We’ve produced a series of top tips to help our students adapt to learning at home. The last few weeks have been a challenging time for us all as we adjust to new ways of working. We are incredibly proud of our students & we will continue to support them in any way that we can.

Top Tips 1

Top Tips 2

Top Tips 3

Top Tips 4