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We understand the importance of creating and delivering high quality apprenticeship opportunities within our organisation and with this, we’re equally committed to increasing the quality and quantity of apprenticeships in the public sector.


We have supported our secondary schools – The Birley Academy, Noel Baker Academy and Da Vinci Academy – as they prepare for and host their first ever Virtual Open Events. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, inviting prospective pupils and their families into school has become a very difficult task, however these virtual experiences allow people to still get a feel for the school and find out everything they need to know.

The Birley Academy

Interested in joining us in September?

Watch our video

Da Vinci Academy

We’re doing things a little differently this year!

➡ Virtual Open Event: Launching from 5:30pm, Thursday 8th October Tear-off calendar

Watch here

Noel-Baker Academy

We’re doing things a bit differently this year…

We’d like to invite you to join us for our Virtual Open Evening, Thursday 8th October from 5:30pm!


As pupils from across the trust returned to school this month, we have supported our academies in ensuring that the message is clear when it comes to Covid-19 and the restrictions each school has in place. We’re thrilled to see pupils arriving safely back to school.


We’ve been supporting our schools with some much-needed building upgrades. Not only do these building alterations give the place a fresh, new feel but they can also aid in the school’s social distancing restrictions by creating space in usually cramped areas. Updates include new toilets, equipment and fresh coat of paint.


This year, every student at Da Vinci Academy will receive a knowledge organiser containing the key information for each subject and a self-quizzing diary to write the questions and answers each night for their homework. These can be used throughout their education to help with revision.


Our chair, Mark Blois, has produced this informative piece about the progression of governance alongside the growth of our trust.

Read the article here


Following government guidance and regular updates, as from September, each of our schools will follow additional COVID-19 expectations that all students must adhere to. This is to protect and ensure the safety of all students and staff. To assist with this, our academies have made their expectations visible around the school site with useful posters and polite reminders.


Without the ability to hold a ‘traditional’ transition event, a series of social media transition graphics were created that contained key information for Noel-Baker Academy and Da Vinci Academy, helping to ensure students feel supported and prepared before starting Year 7 in September.


After a challenging end to the academic year, we want to send our congratulations to all Year 11 students within the trust. We wish you the best of luck with your future.

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Rainbow Forge Primary Academy were amongst 2,000 young people from 64 schools across Sheffield who took part in a virtual graduation ceremony.

Pupils had the opportunity to take part in a ‘Create your own Children’s University Ceremony’ home learning challenge and a virtual graduation hat toss.

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