IT Services

IT Services: What is it?

Our IT Services team provides expert support to Trusts and schools external to our organisation who procure our comprehensive and bespoke end-to-end, IT-managed provision and suite of packages.

We support our clients through on-site technicians, remote assistance, demonstrations and training. The service delivered includes; telecoms, network/internet management, portal and virtual learning environments, server installation and configuration, data management and switch/hub cabinet upgrades. Our team of 35 experts deliver PAT testing, hardware maintenance and troubleshooting, print solutions and procurement management for equipment, software and licenses – resulting in cost and performance efficiencies across the organisation.

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IT Services: Our impact?

  • Economies of scales across broadband and licensing costs.
  • New networks built within three days.

“Any remote access I’ve received recently has been excellent. I’m highly impressed with your team’s professionalism and personal support.”

Headteacher, Silverhill Primary School
Attendance Award - Class 1Lunch Award - Class 2Aspiration Award - Class 3Care Award - Class 4Independence Award - Class 5Resilience Award - Class 6Respect Award - Class 7Responsibility Award - Class 8