Charnock Hall Primary is a ‘GOOD’ Academy

6th February 2020

Following their recent Ofsted Inspection, Charnock Hall Primary hsa been praised for its positive atmosphere.


Students, Staff, Parents and the community of Charnock Hall Primary are celebrating the January 2020 Ofsted inspection after its declared that the academy is ‘Good’ across every aspect.

The inspection is the first in the history of Charnock Hall Primary since it became an academy and joined L.E.A.D. Academy Trust in 2017.

From the moment children enter the academy in Reception, they “get off to a flying start” and are “proud of their achievements”. This positive journey continues throughout school with encouragement from staff to explore and investigate within each subject area. A focus on the development and mastery of communication skills empowers children to “listen carefully and speak clearly and confidently” with “lots of opportunities to practise and develop reading, writing and mathematics skills”.

Whilst a focus on core subjects is critical, the report highlights how this emphasis does not restrict opportunities to develop other important life skills and experiences. The inspectors were impressed with how “Leaders have made sure that the curriculum is broad and balanced. It is clear how pupils will build knowledge and skills in each subject, year on year”. In addition, opportunities to inspire children through trips and visits, exploration of key values and work on pupils’ personal development “is a strength of the school”. The whole curriculum empowers the young people of Charnock Hall to understand the importance of perseverance and resilience, an appreciation of different cultures and religions and the definition of ‘British Values’, including key elements such as democracy.

The atmosphere, relationships and good behaviour displayed by pupils led the inspection team to confirm that it “is a welcoming school”. Not only do “pupils feel happy…and safe” but they “follow the rules and aim to be Charnock Allstars. There is an expectation that everyone will live by the school motto, ‘Be the best you can be’”. The opportunity for children to take on leadership roles enables them to display a core Trust value (lead), take ownership and demonstrate a real pupil voice.

Inspectors concluded that high expectations and positive relationships permeate throughout the academy with all staff sharing “a strong, ambitious vision for the future of the school”. This suggests that, whilst the staff team will reflect and celebrate the inspection findings, they are equally driven to ensure Charnock Hall Primary continues to improve further and is an academy that the whole community is proud of.