‘Children are at the Heart’ of Our Vision and Values

9th September 2019

‘Children are at the heart’ of L.E.A.D. Academy Trust’s Visions and Values

An Ofsted summary evaluation of the Trust has concluded that we implement an ethos of children first, with ‘children at the heart of our principles, vision and values’. The Ofsted team also highlighted that the Trust’s vision and values permeate throughout the organisation. The in-depth review revealed an extensive number of positive findings including clear strategic intent, structured opportunities for purposeful collaboration, a continous trend of academic improvement, high degrees of autonomy for leaders and an underlying positive culture of respect and support amongst all. The implementation of the core principles: lead, empower, achieve, and drive was recognised as they continue to be embedded throughout the organisation. The inspecation team, consisting of two Senior HMIs (Her Majesty’s Inspectors) and a third HMI, carried out a detailed and in-depth evaluation of the Trust. The team commended the fact that ‘children are at the heart of the Trust’s principles, vision and values- an ethos that is evident across all academies’. The team commented that our ‘priorities are well founded and clearly linked to the Trust’s strategic intent’. The relationship between academy leaders and the Trust’s Executive Management team was described as a ‘highly respected’ dynamic. A commitment to putting children first was identified as being evident in every decision made at both executive management and academy level. The Trust’s principles are evident and well publicied in each of our school’s. Our vision and values are well understood by school leaders, including in those schools that have most recently joined the Trust. The report also acknowledged the ‘range of public and private sector experience’ provided by trustees.