Strategic Support

Strategic Support: What is it?

Our strategic group is responsible for the oversight, development and management of the Trust.

Comprising of our Executive Management Team, we implement a wealth of experience and diverse skills to enable the strategic growth, risk management and financial stability of the organisation. The group drive forward programmes to raise the profile of the Trust and its individual academies whilst actively liaising with key stakeholders on a national and international level.

We uphold the L.E.A.D. brand and protect the reputation of our academies whilst developing and implementing our robust Trust Self Evaluation Form (SEF) and improvement plan.

The strategic group oversee all operational and support services across the organisation, develop and monitor the effectiveness of governance, ensure statutory compliance and conduct thorough due diligence of prospective schools joining the Trust.

Whilst we provide leadership and strategic direction, we empower all across L.E.A.D. Academy Trust to achieve our ambitious vision.

Strategic Support: Our impact?