Edna On Way To Outstanding

24th May 2018

The head teacher and staff at Edna G. Olds Academy have been told their ambition and teaching has led to improvements; indicating that it is heading towards an ‘Outstanding’ judgement.

Ofsted inspector John Lawson praised the head teacher Melany Pemberton for her work to improve the school. He said: “The ambition that you and other staff have for all pupils is uncompromising. Pupils make rapid progress in all areas of the curriculum. I was struck by the holistic approach you and other staff take towards pupils’ learning and development. Pupils’ enjoyment of school is enhanced by the wide range of enrichment opportunities the school provides, including in the arts.”

The latest Ofsted report found that at the end of 2017, pupils’ progress in writing and mathematics was well above the national average. It also found that over the last five years, standards in the early years have improved each year.

Mr Lawson added: “The school is going from strength to strength. Staff demonstrate ambition and drive to improve all aspects of the school’s work. Teachers provide pupils with work that is matched well to the pupils’ abilities. As a result, pupils of all abilities make strong progress. Based on the evidence gathered during this short inspection, I am of the opinion that the school has demonstrated strong practice and marked improvement in certain areas. This may indicate that the school is improving towards being outstanding.”

Melany Pemberton, Headteacher: “Our whole school community is truly delighted to have received such positive feedback during our recent Section 8 inspection. Our pupils are amazing and really deserve to have their exemplary behaviour and wonderful attitudes recognised in this way. It is great that the we, as a staff team, were praised for our uncompromising ambition for all pupils. Edna G. Olds Academy’s parents, governors, staff and pupils cannot wait to build upon our positive work, further challenging ourselves and our learning community.”

A L.E.A.D. spokesperson said: “We would like to congratulate all at Edna G. Olds Academy on a very positive Ofsted inspection; recognising the hard work and dedication of all within the school community. We are particularly pleased that Ofsted recognised ‘the school has demonstrated strong practice and marked improvement,’ indicating that it is ‘improving towards outstanding.’”