Finance and Procurement

Finance and Procurement: What is it?

We empower academy business managers, office administrators and senior leaders through a wide range of core financial services and programmes. This extensive support includes three-to-five-year financial planning models, budgeting reviews, financial software, monitoring toolkits and guidance through the process of external audits.

We aim to improve the financial position of our academies with economies of scale delivered through competitive procurement frameworks and specialist brokers, expert advice on asset management and supervision of surplus funds investment.

Our central Finance team and regional finance business partners pro-actively implement strategies of financial modelling for significant planned changes, future funding variations and work alongside office/business managers to ensure the long-term sustainability of every academy. 

Financial and Procurement: Our impact?

2019/20 Examples:

  • 41% reduction in photocopier costs.
  • 18% reduction in IT licencing costs.
  • 41% reduction in telephony systems costs.
  • 46% reduction in recruitment fees.

2018/19 Examples:

  • 7% reduction in photocopier costs.
  • 37% reduction in outsourced payroll operating costs.
  • 57% reduction in telephony systems costs.
  • 42% reduction in recruitment fees.
  • 9% reduction in agency and supply costs.

Centrally Procured Items: What is it?

We secure and procure a range of services centrally. In doing so, we secure value for money, economies of scale and are able to manage the operational and quality elements of each contract. The central contract management process ensures monitoring and timely procurements across the Trust supply chain.

Examples of centrally procured items include insurance, capital works, catering, cleaning, the estates contract, uniforms, professional services, audits, systems, utilities and contracted service provisions.

In addition, the Trust online procurement system provides a gateway into the market place, ensuring competitive tendering can be completed in line with OJEU regulations.